Guest Housing Reservation Request

Guest Reservation Request

Guest  Housing at UTEP

Guest Housing is available for persons visiting the UTEP campus for University-related business or University-related purposes, such as: attendees participating in University research programs, visiting  professors, visiting University faculty or staff, guest lecturers, visiting researchers or scientists, Registered Student Organization advisors, etc.

Guest Eligibility: A guest is an individual affiliated with The University of Texas at El Paso, who is sponsored by a Department, Office, Program, Center, or other entity of UTEP and has provided written verification of sponsorship prior to occupancy.

Availability: Guest housing is contingent on room availability at the time the request is submitted. 

*If you are a non-UTEP guest, please contact for more information. 

Guest Housing Rates

2 Bedroom Apartment $1200/month

Two bedroom apartment with two beds in each room.  This includes a kitchen, two bathrooms, and living area. 

1 Bedroom Apartment $800 / month
One bedroom apartment with two beds in each room.  This includes a kitchen, one bathroom, and living area. 

Payment: The guest or sponsoring department is responsible for rent. Who is responsible for paying the rent is determined at the time of the reservation. If the guest does not pay rent, the sponsoring department will be charged. Rent is due at time of occupancy and must be paid in full for the duration of the stay. If occupancy is extended beyond the originally agreed upon term, then the additional rental charges are due at the time the extension is granted. Money Orders or Cashier's Checks are to be made payable to: UTEP Housing and Residence Life  and include the name of the guest and sponsoring department. Guest may pay rent in Boquillas Hall - Miner Canyon during business hours. Sponsoring departments will be billed through an IDT.

IMPORTANT: Guest housing reservations paid through an IDT must submit a Speed Type number and the 5-digit account number associated with the speed type at the time the application is submitted. If the payment information is incomplete, guest housing requests will NOT be processed.

Damages found after check out will be billed to the sponsoring department.

Parking: Guests are responsible for obtaining their own parking permit if they will bringing a car to campus. For information regarding parking, visit

Guest reservation request must be submitted at least 15 business days prior to the desired arrival date. Applications must be submitted by the UTEP sponsoring department of the guest(s).  If you are completing the Guest Housing Application within the 15 business days, please call the Housing and Residence Life Office at 915-747-5352 to confirm receipt of your application.

Reservation of our facilities or services should not be considered confirmed until written confirmation is received via email from Housing and Residence Life staff.